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“Choose a Marketing Company where results are guaranteed or you pay nothing”

If after speaking to us you decide to do business with us and we do not meet the results you require, you either don’t pay us or we’ll refund what you have paid.

There will be no waffle, no jargon and no fancy over inflated prices either. You will get honest and proven advice that will improve the marketing of your company and in turn increase your sales.

There’s only three ways to increase your profits: –

  1. Increase the number of customers or clients you have
  2. Increase your prices
  3. Sell more to the customers or clients you already have
Whether it is one of the above, a combination or all three of them, Aida Marketing will help you achieve it or you pay nothing. You have nothing to lose but a wealth of proven marketing advice to gain from.

Aida Marketing is based in North Wales, UK and we offer a full marketing services including internet marketing and email marketing. Call us today on 01490 460239.


Is Your Business doing as well as you know it could?

Many businesses are good at what they do, that is the service they provide or the products they sell or produce. However when it comes to marketing those same products and services, the vast majority of businesses fall short.

And why wouldn’t they fall short? After all we can’t be good at everything can we? Our marketing company specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses at any stage of their development.

How does a FREE no obligation marketing consultation sound to you?

Presently we offer a free no obligation 45 minute consultation to any business within a 50 mile radius of the LL21 postcode (Corwen, North Wales).

For further work we offer 4 levels of service so no matter what stage your business is at we have a package to suit you.

Package 1 – A ½ day marketing consultation with our marketing consultant – Only £297

Package 2 – A full days marketing consultation with our marketing consultant – Only £497

Package 3 – An ongoing premium marketing program, payable monthly or quarterly – From £297

Package 4 – One-off commissioned project – price on application

All rates apply to businesses within the North Wales area (50 miles radius of LL21) If your business falls outside this area please contact us regarding a consultation.

Your FREE 45 minute marketing consultation

This is a free no obligation meeting with our marketing consultant that covers the following: –

  • Your current marketing methods and how they might be improved
  • Your marketing aims for your business and tips to achieve them
  • Any advertising and marketing problems your business faces and how you might overcome them
  • Strategies and techniques to help improve your overall marketing


Package 1A ½ day marketing consultation with our marketing consultant – Only £297

This is a 3 ½ hour meeting plus the 45 minute consultation if this hasn’t already taken place. The ½ day covers the following, and we are happy to tailor the meeting to tackle any specific area of your company’s marketing strategy.

  • An in-depth look at any one area of your marketing that you feel could be improved the most
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics and how to avoid the pitfalls that many SEO companies won’t tell you about
  • Advice on all aspects of your companies marketing
  • Provide proven and creative solutions to any present marketing problems


Package 2A full days marketing consultation with our marketing consultant – Only £497

This full day will leave you with improvements and solutions for every area of your marketing including your internet marketing strategy. This will be a full day with the additional 45 minutes if that has not already taken place.

  • A deeper look at all of your marketing, to ensure you are making the most of your opportunities
  • The importance of Brand awareness and how to create a brand your customers will love
  • An in-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) study of your website and a look at your competitors websites, where you will be shown how you could move ahead of them, and stay ahead
  • Provide proven and creative solutions to any present marketing problems


Package 3An ongoing premium marketing program, payable monthly or quarterly – From £297

This premium marketing package will cover every possible aspect of your marketing including: –

  • An in-depth review of every aspect of your marketing and a timetable of projects to work through adding continual improvements to your marketing strategy
  • Vital on-going SEO work on your website in order to help keep your business on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and wherever possible in the first three for as many search terms as possible
  • Creative ideas and new ways to market your business to an increasingly bigger marketplace to help ensure you have as much business as you could possibly cope with


Package 4One-off commissioned project – price on application

If you have a project in mind you would like to discuss please do give us a call on 01490 460239 or use the Contact Us form.

Our marketing consultant could help with any of the following projects, large or small: –

  • Website creation or improvement incorporating a workable internet marketing strategy
  • Email marketing with a full email copywriting service
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Brochure writing and design
  • Sales letters including a complete mailshot service
  • Lead generation
  • Media advert writing, design and placement
  • Full Corporate identify, either re-branding or start-ups
  • A professional and order pulling copywriting service

Companies who do best have firm well structured advertising and marketing strategies in place. They test their advertising, the measure the results and they are then in a much better position to increase their profits.

Give us a call on 01490 460239 or email us and let’s get the ball rolling and your marketing working efficiently. Our marketing consultant will visit you wherever you are in the UK, although relevant charges may apply for marketing consultations outside of the specified area.


Aida is a marketing company that will work hard to ensure you can achieve your marketing goals. You can trust us to deliver a very high quality service.